Monday, July 30, 2012

S is for...

Seven months old!

Smiles...lots of them, suddenly. She has a precious little grin.

Sleep. We sleep trained her this weekend. Took eight minutes. Not kidding.

Second tooth. She has both of her bottom front teeth now and is MUCH happier.

Second foods. Our girl loves to eat. Carrots, beef and vegetable, and mango are her favorites.

Spit. She spits bananas, turkey and sweet potatoes, and all medicines back at us in a violent and messy manner. 

Selective. This one knows what she wants and is quick to turn up her nose when's she's unimpressed by whatever you're offering.

Separation anxiety. Heaven forbid I move outside her line of vision, even for a second.

Sibling love. She stares at Calvin in awe and with adoration.

Stacking. She could play with that Fisher Price ring stacking toy for hours. It's her favorite.

Sophie the giraffe. She's a close second in the favorites department.

Scoot. She is this close to scooting across the floor. I'm scared.

Snort. The Audie snort is still alive and well and it only gets cuter every day. 

Shock of hair. Her hair is getting so long on top that it hangs in her face without a barrette or headband. Unless it's sticking straight up. That happens a lot, too.

Snuggles. We get a few here and there. 

Sounds. She's making so many! My favorite, of course, is mamamamamama. 

Sweetness. It abounds in Audra. It really does. She is the sweetest little thing on earth.



S is also for serious overload, which I know this post is, but gosh. It's impossible to pick only a handful of photos when you're working with that face. And that outfit!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Mama's boy.

We find a delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body. 
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, July 20, 2012


Gosh, she's cute.

She's also perfect, according to her six months stats:

Weight: 16lbs 10oz (55th percentile)
Height: 27 inches (84th percentile)
Head: On the bigger side of normal

Developmentally, she's right between 6-9 months. She's sitting independently, rolling well, eating even better, babbling like crazy, working on her second tooth, and beginning to scoot backwards. 

Pretty sure crawling is just around the corner...eek.

(I hope a full night's sleep is, too.)

My non-cuddly baby letting me snuggle her before bed...teething has its perks, I guess. 
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